May 25, 2010

Feature of the Week: FLYASME Clothing Co.

More Than A BRAND,It's a MOVEMENT:

FLYASME Clothing Co. was created by a team of two: Richie Zimmerman and Tony Angelos, September 2009 in Portland,Or. Their clothes are set to inspire those to be themselves and accomplish one's dreams no matter what. FLYASME believes that all can be FLY in their own individual way and when you wear their line they want the Originality to shine. FLYASME is different from other brands because they are truly about the PEOPLE. This is a MOVEMENT and as they say in the Q&A "Live the FLYLIFE because said simply,there is no other way to live. FLYASME Clothing Co.


Feature of the Week:Q&A with FLYASME


Designer: FLYASME Clothing Co.
Date: 5/18/10

Name: FLYASME Clothing Co.
Subject: Feature of the Week

Question 1: When did you first fall in love with fashion?

: Always been, but along with fashion I love people.

Question 2: When did your brand start?

: We started officially in Sept 09

Question 3: What do you want people to say when they see your clothes?


Question 4: Who is your target buyer?

: Anyone out there going after their dreams creating themselves and letting nothing stop them. This is for those living the FLY LIFE

Question 5: What or who inspired you to begin the line??

Reply: We believe in people, We want people to live their dreams and passions We think that is when people are happy, Live like your life depends on it. We wanted to create a line that would do that. A line that is about the individual wearing it and less about the company behind it. We wanted to bring something new create the new style the FLY STYLE

Question 6: Where did you get the name from?

: Well we were bouncing names back and forth for a while, and trying to find something that stood for individuality, confidence, dreams, inspiration, drive, that alone could stand but at the same time evolve in so many ways. Welcome FLY AS ME. It’s about you it’s about me. Everyone Fly’s a different way. FAM.

Question 7: Where are you from?

Reply: Portland, Or is where we landed.

Question 8: Who are the members behind your brand?

Reply: Well Fly As Me Clothing was Founded by Myself Richie Zimmerman and good Friend and business partner Tony Angelos. But everyone out their wearing a tee is apart of this Brand.

Question 9: Who in the industry has been spotted in your clothes or recognized your brand??

Reply: Lil Wayne, Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, TYGA, Diggy Simmons, Justin Bieber, Khelo Thomas, The New Boyz, Dj Kelo, Tj Ward, Wiz Khalifa, Audio Push, Kel Mitchell, Yung Stet, man so many others as well there way too many to name.

Question10: Where do you see your clothing/brand being in the next 5yrs?

Reply: Established world wide, and helping others create their dreams. We are building something new here, from company to clothing.

Question11: How do you think your line will change the face of Fashion?

Reply: We are creating FLY STYLE Clothing, more than a tee. This is more for people than they know. Give us support and give us some time we don’t just want to change fashion we want to inspire others and in doing so we want to change the world, and change starts with you. We put attention on you.
Question 12: What Can we expect next?

Reply: Aww man lets just say this is just the Genesis of FLY STYLE Clothing, and FLY AS ME.

Question 13: Where can your line be viewed and purchased?

Reply: Currently we are only available online @ or but if you want to see us in a store near you go to your local store and demand they Sell FLY AS ME Clothing in their store.

Question 14: How did you network to make a name for you line?

Reply: Well online social media sites. Local events, street teams, gorilla marketing.

Question 15: What is your motivation to keep designing and pushing your line?

Reply: Life is my inspiration, as the name says FLY AS ME I will never give up on creating this dream and establishing this line we are more than a clothing line, we are a voice a catalyst for all those who going after their dreams no matter what that dream is. FLY AS ME is who we are, who we want to become and where we’ve come from. FLY AS ME Clothing Co wants you to be your best. And push everyday to be greater. We believe this is what the world is waiting for, we believe in you, every single one out there. Nothing can stop you but your self. Live the FLY LIFE because said simply there is no other way to live. FLY AS ME Clothing Co. YOUR WORLD, YOUR WAY, WEAR YOUR HEART.

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May 17, 2010

The Main Event presented by: 323 Management

Sunday, June 13, 2010 at 8:00pm

Monday, June 14, 2010 at 2:00am

The Grog Shop (Coventry)

2785 Euclid Heights Blvd.

Tickets are @10 in advance and more at the door.
Call or text 216-325-2678 to purchase tickets or for more ticket information

Will Have some Amazing Performances from (The Hipsters, Nemo, Fresh Boy Steph, & The Worldwide Wreckers) & Great Music brought to you by 2 of The best Dj's in the Midwest. Dj Corey Grand (of the Varsity Squad) and Dj Warren Peace (from Lexington, Ky). Invite all to come out and have a good time

May 13, 2010

The Foreign Exchange - Daykeeper

Grammy Nominee Foreign Exchange has been doing their thing for awhile now no doubt about it. I personally say they are one of the dopest groups of our time. For more check out and go out pick up their newest album "Leave It All Behind", "LeftBack" by Little Brother and from the beautiful lady of the group,
"The Ballad of Purple Saint James" by YahZarah.


FACTORY824 is slowly approaching its dreams turning into reality. Our goal is to become the PREMIERE blog of the city. Introduce the WORLD to our,music,and fashion scene. We also just wanna be the spot where people come to see what's up and coming by showcasing artist,designers,and shops who are hot and just beginning!!! I feel if we are ALL up and coming,why cant we make the "COME UP" together.


May 12, 2010

All Legs

Are your LEGS ready?? Cause this Spring/Summer HOT PANTS yes from the 70's!! are where its at. You can catch these tiny barely there shorts all over the runways,and from the predictions,all over the streets soon. High-waisted and mid-cut in leather and knits are the most popular and I'm sure the fellas wont have problem with this look at all!!.

May 11, 2010


Check out these cool kicks on JackThreads by The Hundred$. They come in Grey,Purple,Green and Orange and others. 2010 Summer release.


Mmmmmmmm!!!! What Lady doesn't love some shoes!!!! One thing you can never have to many of and this 2010 spring/summer is all about the SHOE. The Super high hill,and bright bold colors. Step into a party with anyone of these shoes and you'll be sure to make an impact!! Check out similar shoes at


An all-new design for 2010, The Avenger is Ellington’s latest signature model. Look for the first two colorways – Black Nubuck and White Leather – to hit Supra dealers this month.


Terry kennedys latest signature shoe, offering a low-top alternative to the society. Two initial colorways will be realeasing at supra dealers this May- Black leather canvas and Grey suede canvas, so be on the lookout.


Taking it back with the classic chukka which is droppin in two fresh colorways. Black leather and walnut leather are the colors offered for now, but be on the lookout for these at your local sneaker shop.


The tee was released last summer when the black scale store was first opened in San Fran, so they decided to bring back for summer 2010.

May 10, 2010

Are you a MEMBER??

Member's Only jackets are back with a new "Thriller" look,real hott for those cool days and nights of the summer. I say throw on a V-neck T some 511's and Supra's,and proceed to be FLY!! And dont worry if you dont wanna get your Michael Jackson on,Original Member's Only jackets are still available.

May 9, 2010


Does Just A T-shirt and Jeans sound bland??? Of course it does,so make a STATEMENT,with Spring and Summers HOTTEST ACCESSORY,A fierce statement necklace, and that will take your outfit up 100 notches. You can find them on all the hottest stars from Ashly Olson,to Beyonce' Knowles. They are being rocked on the runway to the subway. Provided at ALL price ranges,this is a "MUST HAVE" for every FASHIONISTA!!

Blast from the Past

Guess Who's Back??? Yes!! The LA Gear Has returned and its HOTTER THAN EVER!!

I can remember as kid stumping around in my blue and white LA Gears just looking at the lights. If you had a pair then you were the S**T!! Well in 2010 it seems these shoes will have the same affect on us as adults,and an introduction to the new generation. So get out your retro jogging suits and nike hats,cause these cool 90's kicks are BACK!!!


OH YES!!!!!!!! FACTORY824 is backkkkkkk!!! and you better believe it. Here we will keep you updated on all the flyest,shoes,accessories,clothes,gossip and more. So stay tuned........................ We are here to takeover.