September 28, 2010


Pictures provided by: IMKING
IMKING!!! YES!! We are soooooo,super excited about this brand and being able to have this Q&A with them. We at FACTORY824 have to say that this is one of our favorite and most worn brands, but I'm beyond sure they are favorites of many many others. IMKING is well known and worn all throughout the streets and the industry,and with their unique designs and known trademark on their designs,everyone knows that it is IMKING when your rocking it. FACTORY824 is always interested in the people and their thoughts behind the brand,so get to know IMKING in a slightly different way and continue to support them and the brand.
Pictures provided by: IMKING


Interview: IMKING

Question 1: When did you first fall in love with fashion?
Reply: The furthest I can remember back is 6th grade begging my parents to buy me Nike’s. Everything after that became particular in what I shopped for.

Question 2
: When did IMKING first start?
Reply: The idea of IMKING came in the middle of 2006. Polo and I put together the plan towards the end of that year. May 2007 was when we released our first summer line to our retailers.

Question 3
: Who are all the members behind the label?
Reply: We’ve got a pretty big team. Polo and I started the brand, we brought in Brian, and then along came the rest of the IMKING family.

Question 4: What influences your designs?
Reply: The IMKING designs are influenced by everything. We let our lives dictate the direction we go into. Our feelings, ideas, the things we see on tv, on the streets. A lot of different elements go into creating the IMKING line.

Question 5 : Where did the name IMKING come from?
Reply: The IMKING name was originally short for Imaginary Kingdom. It came from us wanting to create an outlet of ideas and trying to be the best for ourselves.

Question 6: What else is IMKING associated with?? Ex. Music, promotions, etc..
Reply: We like to be involved with things that make sense to the brand. Music, partying, learning, and everything else that we can relate to.

Question 7: Where do you see your clothing/brand being in the next 5yrs?
Reply: I see IMKING as the brand that will inspire people to go out and live their dreams. That’s what we’ve done for ourselves and hopefully it will be imprinted in people’s minds. IMKING will be the exciting and innovative elite brand.

Question 8
: How do you think your line will change the face of Fashion?
Reply: When I think of change, I don’t want to just make a change in fashion but in peoples lives. If we can make a change with the world that will make a bigger impact than just making it with clothing. We want IMKING to be bigger than just fashion.

Question 9
: What Can we expect from IMKING next?
Reply: We are currently expanding into cut and sew, accessories, and more. We’ve also got some unexpected collaborations coming. Make sure to keep up with IMKING.COM and find out more.

Question 10
: Where can your line be viewed and purchased?
Reply: You can check or check some of our online retailers.

Question 11: What advice do you have for other designers and blogs such as FACTORY824 to help gain exposure?
Reply: It might sound cliche' or corny, but I followed my heart and put my all into this. If you can persevere, nothing will hold you back.